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Should the ordering process be hands-on or hands-off

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Mostly agree. My R1T is scheduled for delivery May 5. The process was unnecessarily complicated, and the 8 steps were not all that simple. For instance my financing got really screwed up because you need info from the lender before you make selections on the Rivian site but then I needed info from Rivian before I could move forward with my lender. Was a Catch22.

My guide is a nice kid, but he's basically a human tube through which info and paper are passed. Every question I asked he had to go find out and get back to me later. He did get me all the answers and solve some issues but I was left wondering what the point of the dedicated guides really is. The customer service chat they had before worked just fine and could have done all the things my guide did.

Hopefully they'll figure this stuff out. Even more hopefully the truck is more fully formed. (Half joking.)
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