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Took Delivery TODAY. Checked and all functions work, tonneau works, frunk works, key cards work, phone paired, all software stuff went smoothly. So far only negative is the panel gaps on this 80k truck don't compare well to our 45k Honda Ridgeline, or even our 30k Maverick shop truck.

The electric future is coming, how does my race parts business, Good-Win Racing, get ready for that? Well, we get something electric as a shop truck and see what we can do with it. I sat in one of these at SEMA years ago, been intrigued ever since. The driving experience so far is pretty amazing! As a hotrod racer what impresses me is how the Rivian R1T has a McLaren 720S-Like Suspension System with no sway bars. Banked freeway ramps are impressively flat regardless of the 7000 pound weight. It goes fast straight, it goes fast in turns too. We can't sell sway bars for this thing because it doesn't have sway bars. And factory Ohlins Damper Air suspension is already pretty amazing so we won't be offering an Ohlins upgrade since it has them already with height adjustment from the factory with push of a button. We could offer wheels. Hope to discover a lot of other bits we can do.

As for 'filling it up', Good-Win Racing has 100 solar panels on the roof, so it will charge for free.

wheels. What
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