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R1T 2022 FG, BM, 21" wheels, quad motor -delivered 6 Dec 2022
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Pulled out of my drive today on to VT Rt 155 and soon found myself driving behind the truck in my subject line.

Pretty amused since haven’t seen another R1T on the road in the 3 weeks since we picked our FG R1T home from the Bklyn service center 3 weeks ago.

I ended up behind you for 10 miles and when we got to the next town you pulled over - I gave a smile and wave as I passed only to realize you weprobably trying to say hello - since you then pulled out and drive off.

so on the odd chance that you see this, just wanted to say sorry! I would have loved to chat butdidn’t realize your intention (if I got it right) till too late!

I live quite close to where our little caravan began - perhaps we can say hello and compare notes some other time!
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