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I took delivery of my R1T on 5/27 in Boston and immediately took a road trip to Charlottesville, VA.

My config:
Launch Edition
Launch Green Exterior
20" All-Terrain Wheels
Full-size Spare
Off-Road Upgrade
Forest Green Interior

I'm using the Rivian to replace my two cars: a 2014 Subaru Forester that I used for road trips and to haul a kayak around Florida, and a 2014 Jeep Wrangler that I drive on the Nantucket beaches.

My abridged delivery timeline: I made my preorder on 9/26/19. Originally I had ordered Rivian Blue with the Ocean Coast Interior. They assigned me a guide on 6/8/21 and originally estimated my delivery date to be late October 2021. At the end of October my guide called me and said the new date would be May/June 2022. Then at the beginning of this year I got moved up to April/May. But when April came, it didn't seem to be looking good, especially with the Ocean Coast interior. So on 4/27 I changed to Black Mountain. I didn't really want a black interior, but I wanted a car. It seemed clear that you had to guess what the factory was making. When I saw that someone had taken delivery of a Launch Green with Forest Green Interior I changed to that (5/11), and I'm very happy I did, it looks really nice. After that things moved swiftly. They sent me the paperwork on 5/18 and my R1T was in the Boston service center by 5/21.

The only problem I had with R1T on my road trip to Charlottesville was with the Nav system. A lot of times it couldn't calculate the charging stops. When it couldn't, it would either give a route (typically through Scranton) and then say there weren't enough high-speed chargers on route, or just say it was unable to take the charging level into account and would I like to go anyway. My workaround was to use ABRP for the charging stops and then enter the charger addresses into the Nav system by hand. Also, the map in the Nav system seemed a little out-of-date. It had the wrong exit numbers for I-91 near Springfield and had me running around in circles for a while trying to find the RMV.

I had taken road trips in my wife's Model 3 before, but I had never used high-speed public chargers. Besides using the ABRP app to calculate the charging stops, I downloaded the ElectrifyAmerica, EVgo and ChargePoint apps to talk to the various charging networks and used PlugShare when I needed to find a charger nearby. I broke my trip into segments: BOS->Milford,CT->Charlottesville->Milford,CT->Hadley,MA->Nantucket. I got everywhere, just never as fast as I thought I would. I ended up using ElectrifyAmerica almost exclusively as their chargers were generally higher speed and more prevalent, but not without problems: one ElectrifyAmerica stop was completely broken, and another time it was in the midst of a WallMart parking lot whose spaces where not sized to fit an R1T. I was surprised to see the variety of EVs at the public chargers. Without even paying much attention I saw Bolts, Leafs, Mustangs, KIAs, Polestars and the occasional slumming Tesla. The cost of charging also seemed to vary wildly. At times it seemed cheap, but I disconnected from a 6.6kw charger at one of the hotels when it charged me $11 for the first 23 miles.
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I got over 300 miles on a full charge, which made me happy. Caveat: I was driving in Conserve mode, with regen braking set to Max, rarely went over 70mph and had beautiful weather.

It seemed that everywhere I went people pulled up next to me to ask about the Rivian.

In Charlottesville we drove a couple miles into Shenandoah National Park on a Jeep track. We put it in off-road mode, but it wasn't much stress on the R1T, just some big rocks, ruts, washouts and rivulets crossing the track. It did get the truck properly dirty, and the front cameras came in handy when going up steep hills where otherwise you would only see the hood. The next day we packed the bed of the truck with all my daughter's horse gear (feed, blanket and a very heavy tack trunk) in order to move her horse to a new barn. I like the plastic bed -- seems like it is going to take a beating and be easy to clean. I would have liked to see the R1T pull the horse trailer, but only professionals are allowed to drive her horse around :)
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When I got the R1T onto Nantucket I wanted to try one more thing -- driving on the beach. Reducing the tire pressure to 15psi like I did on my other cars seemed too low for the R1T. So I called Rivian support and they advised 31. Putting the car into off-road mode I happily noted that "soft sand" had been added in the previous night's update (the 360 degree camera view seemed to come in the same update). Then I drove out to Great Point without problems. If anything it seemed to handle better than my old Jeep Wrangler, and it will certainly go more beach miles on a full charge than the Wrangler would go on a tank of gas.

So, so far so good. Now trying to scrub all the mud off, fit the truck into my garage, and get my home charger installed.
How long did the drive take including charging?
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