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I finally got around to joining the forum. I've been following it for a while now and I enjoy reading all the ideas, news and speculation.

I've always wanted an electric pickup truck. I live in a rural area and have owned pickup trucks since I was a teenager. My first experience with an EV was when I converted a Kawasaki Mule to electric. I owned a 2017 Volt for while, but I sold it to my son. I currently drive a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 with a diesel engine. I'll be selling it when I get the R1T.

I live about an hour away from the factory and learned about Rivian's plans to purchase the old Mitsubishi plant before they had the reveal in LA. I signed up to be on their mailing list and received an email just before the LA Auto Show about the opportunity to preorder. I placed my preorder on Nov 26, 2018 after thinking about for a couple of hours. If the speculation about the numbering system is correct, I would be #350 or 1350. I'm hoping for a June 2021 delivery !

I ordered the R1T Launch Edition, Launch Green, Forest Edge interior, 20" All Terrain tires. I'm waiting to see the truck in person to make a final decision on color.

The 300+ mile range fits my use well. I plan to use the truck mostly to get supplies locally for my small farm (5 acres) and short trips to visit friends and family. I'm planning to get an aluminum utility trailer to handle larger items that won't fit in the bed. I have a grid tied solar/wind hybrid system, which I intend to enlarge to accommodate the increased usage for charging the R1T. My goal is to produce enough energy to offset what I consume.
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