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Electric cars can bring $10,000 in life-saving benefits

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This is very interesting and is worth the read. A new study coming from Canada suggests that Electric cars can bring $10,000 in life-saving benefits when they replace gas powered cars.

Converting all cars and SUVs in the Greater Toronto area into electric vehicles would cause 313 fewer deaths per year, an estimated social benefit of $2.4 billion. That’s the high-level finding of a study published today by Environmental Defence and the Ontario Public Health Association.

EV drivers cite numerous reasons for ditching a gas car and buying an EV: lower operating costs, high resale values, quick and quiet acceleration, and mitigating climate change. But what’s more compelling than saving human lives?

Marianne Hatzopoulou, the University of Toronto civil engineering professor who led research on the new study, “Clearing the Air,” said:

Local air pollution within urban environments is highly detrimental to human health. When you have an electric vehicle with no tailpipe emissions, you’re removing a wide range of contaminants — from nitrogen oxides to fine particulate matter — from the near-road environment and shifting them to power plants. The net effect remains a large improvement in air quality.
The study predicted reductions in emissions for various air pollutants using epidemiological data on pollutant exposures. Health Canada estimates that 14,600 premature deaths per year can be attributed to air pollution, with more than 3,000 of them in the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area (GTHA).

Hatzopoulou said:

I was surprised just how strong the effect was. If you bring it down to an individual level, each electric vehicle replacing a gas-powered one brings nearly $10,000 in social benefits. Those benefits are shared by everyone, not just the people buying the cars.
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