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FYI if your having trouble with your electronics try walking away from the vehicle and see if it helps.
2 days ago I was trying to connect my iPad to my Canon TG6 Tough camera using their OIshare app on the pad. The iPad could see the camera Wifi but would not connect. I have had trouble doing that in the past and was getting frustrated. It occurred to me that the R1T has Wifi, Bluetooth and probably other emissions so I walked a hundred feet away from it and suddenly made a connection. Once the connection was made i could get back in the truck and work with the app to transfer photos. I've also noticed that my Motorola fire pager will make irregular bursts of static if I get in the truck after a page with the frequency open (instead of squelched by the tone feature). Hopefully we won't be advised in a few years that we should have been wearing our tin foil hats while driving...
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