How cute is this guy?

One of the latest products on offer at the Rivian Gear Shop, we're giving one away FOR FREE right before the holidays. Donated from the fine folks at Rivian, they'll also toss in a Gear Guard Double Sided T-Shirt!

So how do you enter to win? EASY!

Just reply to this thread (you'll have to register an account if you don't have one already).

Reply with a picture of your Rivian, or why you love Rivian, or what you had for breakfast. (You definitely don't have to own a Rivian). We're not picky. Just say hi!

The contest runs until December 19th. See full rules and regulations attached.

Rivian doesn't just make the most amazing electric vehicles on the road... they're darn good people too!

Oh, and in case you want more than one, you can also buy your own right here.