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I waited a really really long time for this truck, 12/12/2018 to 08/24/2022 to be precise.
Total dropped ball by Rivian, that to their credit, they picked up, admitted to, made right, and got it delivered.

Delivery Experience - I can not say enough about the fact that the entire San Diego Team was present to greet me and review the truck with me. Managers, Service, Customer Experience, and even my newly assigned guide "J" drove a few hours for me. The openly acknowledged the miscues that occurred in my reservation, configuration, and delivery process with honesty and a few thoughtful items of Rivian Swag and a gift certificate to my daughters favorite Little Italy restaurant. We had a last minute issue with the title and registration that was resolved in minutes.

Were there the usual gap issues identified? Yes, they were minimized to my liking.
Where there issues with orange peel? Yes, mainly on back of truck and near charging port. This is being looked at next week
Did the tonneau operate? As expected it broke down right at delivery and they ordered the new system which is being installed right after Labor Day.

Calling them out by name: James and Sarah - THANK YOU SAN DIEGO RIVIAN.

And I drove off . . . . have had it only 8 days now and driven it 250 miles. We have taken it all around Point Loma, Little Italy, Downtown San Diego, OB, PB, MB and then up to OC for the Yankees Angels game in Anaheim and back. So, good variety of stop and go, flats, hills, beach cruising, highways, and parking.

Background: I am 49yo and a huge car enthusiast - classics, electrics, exotics, sports, you name it. Have owned many electrics and intimately familiar with the technology since its infant stages over a decade ago.

All this makes me extremely picky and admittedly extremely hard to please.

Where would I rank the Rivian R1T in the pantheon of cars I have owned? NUMBER ONE.
It has the performance of my McLaren, Lambo, or Ferrari it has the rugged road utility of my old H2s and Range Rover Sports and matches them and all my Jeeps in off road looks and capability. It never feels too slow even in conserve mode. It is far more luxurious when compared to my Tesla 3s or Xs, and feel, fit and finish are eons above my Karma Revero or GS-6 - both cars I love from a company beloved by me -- but sorry, no comparison, its hands down Rivian.

Top 3 Most striking aspects of the R1T:
1. Fit and Finish - Lord, the luxurious feel and look of this truck is second to none. Get in one and then get in a Bentayga, Cullinan, Urus, X, any Range and tell me it does not meet, compete, or beat them all. It is impressive. The gripes about little fit and finish pieces are very minor. A part of the door handle is made of a cheaper plastic than would be desired and prone to micro scratches . . . literally the Ferraris suffer from worse I assure you. There is just flat out industry leading attention to detail here and I very much appreciate the final product I received. Super bummed I took delivery and suddenly the long awaited Ocean Coast is here, but honestly the nostalgic Retro Brady Bunch Hollywood Hills vibe that the Forest Edge puts off is so appealing and different that I would not go back and change even if able to.

2. Performance - Okay, are Rivian owners just being coy or just not that experienced as owners/drivers of high performance vehicles? Becuase we all watch the reviews of YouTube saying "wow, it is so fast and the power is immediate" and then they move on to something else, but LADIES AND GENTS - this is a BAD BOY TRUCK . . . impressive off the line in ANY mode, hauls up a hill like it is being yanked up by a jet, the best regen braking I have ever experienced, handles like a Lambo or Lotus around a bend, and is so comfortable on the HOV to just slide into cruise control and active lane assist and chill. The driving experience on this truck makes it my first choice every morning. Which is going to become a problem, lol. Put it this way, I drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to OC with a Ferrari 458 Spider on Monday and then did the same drive in the Rivian on Wednesday -- had as good if not better time in the Rivian (and no $100 fill up at gas station)

3. Lighting - great headlights, love the look at night. absolutely love all the green charging strips flashing all over the car when plugged in. Interior lights very high quality switches and bulbs. screen dimmers are very nice. Not sure if there is ambient lighting that I have not even discovered yet,

Top 10 Smaller things I LOVE about the R1T:
1. Best ventilated seats I have ever experienced. used in humid 100+ weather and cooled passengers immediately.

2. Sound system is Sickkkk. Fire? Lit? The GOAT? Not sure what is the groovy way of saying it is second to known, but Im hard pressed to tell you another car that sounds as good in the cabin stock from OEM.

3. Gear Guard Camera and Locking System are actually functional and useful not just a silly gimmick like I figured they would be with the mascot etc.

4. Wristband, Phone, Cards, and Fob are all very nice ways to get in and out of this truck - Yes, the wristband is totally waterproof - I did not take it off when sleeping, showering, or even doing Hot Power Yoga -- no issues at all.

5. USBs and Power Outlet are all oh so wonderful. I bought Silver and Yellow to match my R1T vibe both for iPhone and Android devices as well as used the 110 outlet for my laptop so far. It has become a rolling workplace for me in a way I could not accomplish with any other vehicle I have owned.

6. Huge Sunroof is not very noticeable from drivers seat but when you are in the back seat it feels like a glass orb. I love it. It has been getting pretty hot in the cabin here in SoCal with this 100+ degree heat wave, but hey, you have remote cabin climate control for a reason, I will use it as needed.

7. Hotspot works great and all interfaces with Alexa and Spotify are seamless and high resolution.

8. The Gear Tunnel has come in handy at the Farmers Market, for cool photo shoots with friends, and as a step to jump into the bed.

9. Storage Space has been well documented and covered, but it is really awesome - is that technical enough of a review for it? It is just so great.

10. So glad I went with the Sport 22s - the ride is not that bumpy and the decrease in electric mileage is nothing compared to how they look parked and rolling. And to get them at no cost as part of the early Launch Edition promotion? a steal.

Now the Nitpicky List
1. The aforementioned inside door handle plastic is just out of place with all the premium interior components

2. Ergonomically the center console needs some after market love to upgrade the user experience.

3. When you jump into the car sometimes it asks you for the proof you have a key again and that can be annoying in a rush or cumbersome with a wristband having to reach back out the door. Maybe I am doing something wrong, will check this with the service team in a few days

4. The panel gaps are there no question. Mine look as good as can be, it will be okay

5. The back of the truck needs something to toughen it up - I will think of something.

6. Why is the front camera awful when the rear camera is so high resolution? I hope I can easily replace it to be honest.

7. So much storage, but a glove box is still useful, and we do not get it - also, a dedicated space to place sunglasses would be really great to have.

8. When you exit the vehicle there is a rubber moulding that frictions off every other time. Need a step there of a better affixed moulding. Have put it back a dozen times in 250 miles! lol.

9. The APP is basic and I look forward to updates soon increasing its functionality. PS - how do you change the inside cabin temp from Celsius to Fahrenheit?

10. I could not think of any others, okay yeah, whoever approaches vehicle first is the "Driver" and the seat moves for them, not the person with proximity to the front seat - easy fix Rivian Techs, lets get that one done quick.

That is all for now. Live in San Diego part time so idle mile loss, remote connectivity, cabin climate control, paint preservation, security while parked, battery management, are all bid deals to me and I will review when I come back after being away for October.
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