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I'm not much a fan, tbh. If there's an emergency, the last thing I want is to lose my range and therefore have no exit strategy.

If you need to have a battery so power doesn't go out, ever, then can you also guarantee your car will always be in the garage and connected? If you're at work or somewhere else then your vehicle isn't providing any backup to your home and any family member or pet that may remain.

I'd keep a gas vehicle with a full tank if you expect to lose power for multiple days.

During shorter power outages, I can go without power, for an hour or two. Rivian will have some 115V outlets so I can run appliances or tools if I must.

When I install power I'll reconsider a dedicated battery and/or natural gas generator. I think a small battery pack and solar panels should be sufficient. I can run on solar most of the day, and the battery just needs to tide me over at evening/night/morning.
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