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I am happy about the choice for the audio system supplier (Meridian). However, the one place where the current audio implementation misses substantially for me is having good options for lossless audio sources.

My strong preference would be support for a USB stick support that can play FLAC files. Perhaps a future option might be for something like support for lossless bluetooth streaming via aptX codec.

I understand I might be in the minority here (maybe most people love their Spotify or streaming from their phone). I would personally prefer to have a hi-def audio source that requires no connectivity and doesn't drain my phone.

Thanks for listening
Yep, that would be best...still miss the DVD-A (DVD-Audio - Wikipedia) system that I had in a 2005 Acura. In the meantime, Amazon's high def streaming is pretty darn good. Check it out. Since the truck has its own connectivity, it won't drain your phone.
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