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2022 R1T, delivered Dec 2022, Limestone/Ocean Coast, large battery, underbody shield, 20”
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TL;DR - all good, loving the R1T so far - including service appt.

I’m at 1400 miles and about one month in and put in a service ticket mostly for seat programming/memory setting. Rivian scheduled a mobile service which was about 2 weeks from when I submitted the ticket - very nice. Tech came today and we looked at 4 issues;

Amperage setting - no issues, just wondering why it defaults to 42 when I’m charging even though I set it at 48. Sounds like it changes depending on where it is in the charging cycle.

Seat memory - couldn’t set seat/steering wheel memory, tech plugged in to OBD and ran a script which ran through a calibration of windows, mirrors and seats. Fixed.

gear door - my gear doors only open about 1” when released and I wondered if that was right and/or could it be adjusted. Tech recommended leaving it as is because otherwise there’s a risk that when closed they won’t be flush. Honestly, only and issue with ski gloves - I’m good leaving as is.

Alexa - I couldn’t get signed in - this was fixed with a soft reset of displays - hazard button and left steering wheel press together.

doors locking at home - I have this configured correctly but it still locks the doors when I walk in the house with my phone. Tech checked and thought the display reset would do the trick - haven’t checked to see if it’s fixed.

Tech was friendly, knowledgeable and helpful - we spent more time shooting the shit than it took to fix any of the issues.

hope the next 1400 miles and beyond continues to be this trouble free…
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