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Today was a very fun day. A very kind and generous friend brought his R1T over to my house. He was a very early preorder and took delivery last spring. He has had zero issues and the only service required was the 2 minute bolt torque recall. After nearly 6k miles his 20”AT’s look even and have minimal noticeable wear. He is a very happy and satisfied early adopter.

The ride is amazing, smooth, quiet and solid. That cabin is so tight you can actually feel the pressure increase when you close a door. All seats including the back are really comfortable. I found the UI similar to Tesla though in some ways more intuitive and easy to use. We did a couple of launches and holy sh$&, that is impressive. There is noticeable motor noise, more prominent in back than front and I loved it. It’s almost like the soft whine of a turbine. I agree with every other review that has described the driving experience. It’s unlike any other truck and easily superior to most sports cars.

This incredibly fun drive has certainly confirmed how excited I am to eventually take delivery and I hope Rivian appreciates their ever increasing fleet of brand ambassadors. After 2 years of waiting, here’s to hoping for a new delivery date estimate that’s more revealing than “2024” (and no, I’m not waiting for a max pack).

I forgot to mention that after the latest OTA his truck calculates range of 320+ miles even with the 20” AT’s.
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