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Just did my first EV roadtrip. We went from our home on Cape Cod up to Acadia National Park in Maine. 360 miles each way, so it required charging stops. I'm a new EV driver so this is probably old news for most here, but might be useful to others in my shoes.

The good:
  • Overall, I feel like Rivian has delivered on their promise with the R1T. It's a great road tripper and ready for anything. I have about 1500 miles on it and am happy overall, despite some peculiarities (more on than later)
  • I love Driver+ (most of the time). When the road isn't crowsded and its long and straight, it's awesome. The adaptive cruise control is also great on secondary roads, with or without traffic
  • I developed a new appreciation for the "conserve" mode for highway travel. Makes a fairly large difference in overall range and you don't really miss the performance at highway speeds (around town it is terrible)
  • We were stopped by people at least 12 times throughout the weekend. Pretty much any time we got out of or into the car somebody wanted to talk about it.

The bad:
  • The navigation system is awful. Route selection doesn't seem to incorporate real-time traffic. What's worse is that it will literally send you to the wrong place. We routed from Porland to Kittery in search of charging (more on that later) and it literally landed us in the wrong town in the center of some awful tourist traffic. We wasted an hour getting through it to find our desired destination was 11 miles away. Pretty inexcusable given the maturity of other platforms
  • Another head scratcher is how dependent the infotainment system is on cell service. For a vehicle that markets itself as an adventure vehicle meant to be off the beaten path, itis odd that you lose the ability to map new routes and have super spotty performance on Spotify when you are in the wild
  • I really wish you could switch lanes w/ Driver+. This would make a huge difference in usability in most highway situations, especially when the road is crowded and you need to pass, etc. I also wish you could tighten up the distance to the next car, which hinders usability in traffic and stop and go or slow traffic
  • The range estimation seems to be a bit optimistic. When the nav would say I will arrive with 80 miles of range left, it was closer to 60. I'm not sure if this is a factor of the software or the drag from the bike I had over the bed but something

The ugly:
  • Charging infrastructure in that area is awful and the chargers that are there are also awful. I had multiple EVGo stations that appear to be online and available and were either in use or out of commision. Every time stopped to charge I had to make 2-3 attempts to find a working charger which drove some range anxiety for use. EA ended up being the most reliable
  • Also related to charging, I couldn't get anyting to connect to the Rivian. At first I thought it was a charger issue but after having the same issue at multiple brands of chargers, I did a hard reset and it connected
  • Again related to charging, I need to get up to speed on charging ettiquette, especially for L2 charging. The one L2 charger in Southwest Harbor is free. I had to plug in and leave overnight both nights to get enough juice for the ride back. I went back up at 8am to get the car and got a talking to from someone who wanted to charge and saw I was fully charged and the car was sitting. Guess I need to be a little more on top of it.

Again, lots of lessons learned from the first big trip, so hopefully this will make the future trips a little smoother.

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Sounds like most of the issues were software related which means they can be fixed. Tesla shipped pretty raw in a lot of areas and was doing updates every few weeks and it's cleaned it up a lot.

Charging ettiquette, it is nice to pull out when done. They person who needed it was "you" only to find someone was leaving their EV there all night. Does the Rivian send you a text when it's done charging?

On cell service, the Tesla loses it in the OR coast range and uses ATT. So a "bug" not unique to Rivian. It still keeps mapping using a stored representation vs, the satellite pick with traffic.

On the range prediction, Tesla has a "Trip" graphic view that gives you two graph lines, one what you should get, another what you are getting, so you know if you are using more than expected. Hopefully Rivian will add something like that. Do you have the 21' max range wheels and tires?
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