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Our Rivian was dropped off this morning for a short list of stuff. Growing noise from driver's front corner suggests at least some lube of the axle assembly is needed there and we figured we would get it in for service now in the hope that it is just some lubrication and before we break something. I washed it before dropping it off.

While it is there asked them to look at panel alignment, which was poor on delivery. My wife followed me to the appointment in our other new 2022 shop truck, a Ford Maverick that costs less than half what the Rivian did. I pointed out to the Rivian service representative that the 30k Ford has pretty consistent and clean panel gaps and suggested a Rivian at more than double the cost should come in at least equal to a vehicle that starts at just 20k. Response I got was: 'Ford has been building cars longer.' That strikes me as a poor response. I have built cars from scratch, currently still in the business and I can do the panel alignment myself. But on delivery they suggested I let them have a go at it on first service back. So, will see what they get done and if the answer is 'not much', then I will fix that myself and show them a little before and after photo shoot on how it should look.
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