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Just saw this on one of the Lightning forums, this poor guy had his truck break on him after 80 miles of driving.

"I took delivery of my new $95k Electric Platinum Lightning F150 on June 25th, Drove it for 80 miles and parked it. Charged it on my charger for three hours and then drove another 8 miles. Parked it and then went back to drive it two hours later and it would not start. Had a message that said "exit vehicle safely". Was able to get the center screen consule to light up and put it into "EMERGENCY TOW" mode. Called a tow truck and had it delivered to my local FORD dealership and it was dropped off in front of the service departments front door. I called them Monday morning; June 27th and they said that the truck would not turn on at all."

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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