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Been resisting the urge to vent but ordered in Jan 2019 and now have an October-December delivery time for my R1S. So many delays, no information, and what started as lots of events, swag, appreciation, and feeling like part of a shared experience, I now feels like a customer who has less value to Rivian than the person who joined the line with an extra $20k price much more recently.

I understand all the why's and how's, it just that now I feel a lot less important to Rivian, it's hard not to feel Rivian is not a lot less important to me. Rivian owes me nothing (except $1000), and they are just trying to make money and stay in business, but it is very hard not to feel like the 3+ years of waiting and the initial effort they made to 'keep the dream alive' was a cynical effort to step on me to keep their own dream alive.
Like I said, just venting, and understand the OPs frustration.
Also, I am in the Seattle area next to Amazon and a service center, and changed the interior to black but who the heck really knows what really makes a difference...
Yeah it seems really hit and miss as to what can help you get your vehicle sooner. Since you changed the interior what's the rest of you R1S' spec like?
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