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Keep dreaming! Not with so many orders Rivian isn't going to discount your vehicle based off time waiting. Just be lucky that they rolled back the price increase. If you are unhappy at this point in time, jump ship and find another vehicle that suits your needs.

I could complain that the wrist band is not included with all pre-order holders (only LE order holders). I could bitch that the pelican box for the fob, cards, and wrist band are only given to stock investors into the company. I could also gripe that the wrist band (arguably the BEST way to get into your vehicle) is not available for public consumption until later this year or that it will be SOLD as an option!

But at the end of the day, the pros out way the cons in my mind that the vehicle still packs a lot of value to me no matter when I take delivery.
PROs outweigh CONS for sure if you get your truck . . . but 2018 order, 11/16/20 configuration holder here typing - no truck is not acceptable and should not be considered a "gripe" -- I literally haev no truck . . . . without initial LE orders, there would have not been the hype required RJ to get Amazon, Ford and go public at all . . . yes, acknowledge us and take care of us -- 100% agree with OG post.
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