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R1S Adventure (ordered 10/27/21 Est Del 4Q 23), Red Canyon. Genesis GV 60 Mauna Red (bought 9/10/22)
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If you really believe that these are lies (i.e., deliberate attempts to deceive), and not just problems encountered by a new car manufacturer accompanied by poor/unclear communications, then you should immediately cancel your order.

I have an estimated delivery window of "first half 2023." I take that with a big grain of salt. Emphasis on the "estimated."

If the date slips to the second half of 2023, I am not going to come here and say I was lied to.

If it slips to 2024, I will be very unhappy and may look elsewhere if there are other options. I still won't claim I was lied to unless I get a GAURANTEED delivery date with a notarized letter from R.J Scaringe telling me I will definitely get my R1 on a certain date and I don't get it. Even then, it's pretty bold to claim that I was lied to if there is a legitimate reason (like the truck is hit by a meteor on the way to my house). I will only be mad if they don't let me keep the meteorite.
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