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I'm sure many of you have had funny questions and experiences. One I had recently when I pulled through an Arby's drive through.
After I placed my order at the menu board, I drove around to the window. Got to the window and handed the kid my credit card. He looked at my truck and said, "What kinda car is that"? I said, "kid, it's a truck". Kid says "yeah, yeah, who makes it. Rivian I said. He said "cool, nice truck, do you mind if I take a picture of it to show my friends".
I said, sure go ahead, and he whips out his phone and started taking a few pics.
Then he steps back and says "Thankyou". I said "no problem", sitting there. The kid once again steps back a little and say "Thankyou sir" as if to say, I'm done taking pictures, thanks, you can leave now.
Finally I said to him, what about my food order? Then he realized he had completely forgotten about my food.
After this all happened and he gave me my order, I realized that he hadn't given me my credit card back.
I said, "nice try kid", now please give me my credit card back. Kid was totally embarrassed.
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