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I am not sure if any one from Rivian reads these but im super excited about getting my Rivian. I wanted to create a list of Requests or ideas for Rivian feel free to add to my list. I wanted to let Rivian know that my dream suv has been a Jeep wrangler. What's not to love it is a coverable 4wd. I have had 97 for 21 years now and it has changed many forms since i first bought it. But with overlanding and camping all over there is not enough space. So my new dream was the 4 door Rubicon andI have been saving up for a few years now. I was waiting for the new body style and to be honest. Jeep really did an awesome job! They really listened to their die hard customers. But then i saw the Rivian and i was hooked. So here are my list of suggestions in no order of importance.

1. Would love to see a version that is a convertible where the top and doors can be removed. Fiat Chrysler really makes bad drivetrains and other than the pentistar v6, and manual transmission any other set up with jeep is just BAD. Ford will really shine in the drivetrain department with the bronco. But Rivian can be even better. Having a Jeep / Bronco like SUV will really have jeep people looking your way.
2. Strong aftermarket and accessory options ( like quadratic )
3. Simple set up. Jeeps are still able to be taken apart pretty easily. Please have this in mind when designing the car. How can it be serviced. No one wants to have to take 1/2 the car apart to get to a regularly serviceable area.
4. R1 T people will likely want a slightly longer bed even though it hurts departure angle
5. A battery that can charge to 80% in 15 minutes. or a battery that goes 600+ miles. 600 Miles because many people will want to tow with it which will cut mileage in 1/2.
6. Number 5 could be achieved by a company called quantum scape. They are one of a few companies coming up with a solid state battery which could double range and cut charging times in 1/2. So when financially feasible add a solid state battery.
7. Topper for truck bed
8. Way to attach a winch
9. 5g internet capability
10. Extra batteries to fit in the R1T bed or Frunk's.
11. Way to connect 2 rivians if one is towing another one. To use the batteries on the one being towed to charge the one that is doing the pulling.
12. Exclusive charging network with certain amount of " free charging " to early adopters
13. In a home power outage ability to use Rivian as home power back up battery.
14. Ability to add a lift kit.
15. Rear window roll down in R1T.
16. Ability for people to take classes to do their own basic maintenance, diagnostics. Beginning, Intermediate and advanced courses.
17 Ability to sell replicable direct to consumers. ( right to repair )
18. Rear Bumper with tire swing.
19. Ability for tow behind camper to be powered by rivian batteries.
20 Goose neck attachment.
21. Full size pick up option down the road
22. Sell Van options to consumers to convert into overlanding campers.
23. Flip up or removable seats in R1T
24. Extra rust protection.
25 Not sure if this is possible but. Maybe a way to extend range would be to maybe have an ability to turn off 2 or 3 of the motors to propel the car. This is how most ICE cars with differentials move today not sure if it would actually extend range. But in a highway situation on a dry day i may not need all wheel drive all the time.
26 Factory Line X Pain option.
27 Brush riser clips
28 Way to integrate Ham radio / CB with existing info-tainment
29 automatic dial 911 if crash detected.
30. Ability to accept and load 3rd party aps in info-tainment.
31. Learn from Car companies like Jeep, Toyota, Ford and Land Rover, Hummer. Learn what to do what not to do all of those car companies did things right and did things very wrong too. This is your target audience who will care do use the Rivian's for what they intend. Adventure!!

I think that is plenty i will let he community add some more.
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