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Hi all,
Tuesday night I parked my car in the driveway and put it in car wash mode.
Since I was had washing my truck I exited my vehicle leaving my phone and dog inside
When I finished washing it and wanted to get in I could not. Door handles were closed and not unlocking/folding out with either the card held against the driver's door or the key fob.

Since my phone was inside I could not call anyone.

Fortunately I was home and could text. I texted service and the third person I connected with said that I could press on the concave place on the handle and it would pivot out and I could open the door.

Sharing here to help you all if you find yourselves in a similar situation

PS. I do appreciate that the service is available 24/7 And once the door was opened the kind person first asked how my dog was. And he was fine.
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