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Hi all,
Tuesday night I parked my car in the driveway and put it in car wash mode.
Since I was had washing my truck I exited my vehicle leaving my phone and dog inside
When I finished washing it and wanted to get in I could not. Door handles were closed and not unlocking/folding out with either the card held against the driver's door or the key fob.

Since my phone was inside I could not call anyone.

Fortunately I was home and could text. I texted service and the third person I connected with said that I could press on the concave place on the handle and it would pivot out and I could open the door.

Sharing here to help you all if you find yourselves in a similar situation

PS. I do appreciate that the service is available 24/7 And once the door was opened the kind person first asked how my dog was. And he was fine.

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Yeah...I'm not doing "Car Wash Mode" again unless I'm IN the vehicle.
Last night I went to a "drop-in-your-quarters & use our wand" carwash.
Put it in Car Wash mode , got out WITH MY PHONE IN MY POCKET and washed the Rivian
Went to get back in (with an impatient driver waiting for my bay)
It refused to unlock. Several attempts at lock/unlock yielded nothing.
I could hear the "clunk" going both ways but the handles did not emerge and pushing the dimpled area allowed me to "move" the handle but not open the driver's door.
I opened and closed the frunk. Still nothing.
I went around to the passenger side and, after several additional attempts, was able to push in the dimple and open that door.
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