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GM will be launching an electric pickup

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GM's CEO said it will be happening and will sell at "very average transaction prices"

President Mark Reuss just reiterated the company's support for an electric pickup project. He also claimed that GM is going to be selling its future electric cars at "very average transaction prices" during the same conference with Wall Street analysts.

Previously, Mary Barra informed the world of GM's electric pickup truck aspirations, but didn't tell us anything else. Reuss says the truck is already in development, though, according to a Wards Auto report.

"We will have a complete electric lineup, including a pickup truck that's in development," Reuss said.

This comment marks the second time GM has gone on the record about its intentions to bring an electric pickup to market. Additionally, Reuss said GM's third-generation global EV platform will be used to help develop the electric pickup. This platform was recently announced to underpin at least 20 new EVs from GM in the future — the platform itself is slated to be unveiled in 2021. Of course, this platform will be flexible and modular to allow various body styles to be used with it, a truck being one of those. Reuss still hasn't said what GM brand the pickup will be sold under, or what class of truck it will be.

GM thinks this new platform is also going to be what helps it drive down the cost of building EVs. "We'll reach parity a lot sooner than people think," Reuss said comparing EVs to traditional gas-powered engines. "We're driving down the cost of batteries and the whole EV in general."

As for electric pickups, Ford is also deep in development of its own electric F-150. However, neither of these truck projects have official timelines on them, so we can't say when they'll hit the market. For now, the cross-town rivals are both in development with their respective electric pickups. Even further across town is Rivian (in which Ford just invested half a billion dollars), a company that says its electric R1T pickup is right around the corner, with the official due date being end of 2020 for the time being.
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CNBC spoke with Sam Fiorani, head of global vehicle forecasting at industry market research firm AutoForecast Solutions and here are his predicitons about the GM electric pickup truck.


- The new model will go into production in 2021, “most likely” as a 2022 model-year offering.
- By comparison, Fiorani said he expects the Chevy truck will be “even bigger,” along the lines of the gas-powered Chevrolet Silverado.
“You have to expect its towing capacity would be more like the Silverado, in excess of 11,000 pounds,” he added, while predicting Chevy’s EV pickup would offer similar range to Rivian’s R1T.
- The GM pickup will rely on a skateboard-like platform, its batteries, motors and other key drivetrain components below the load floor.
- Fiorani and other analysts think GM is developing a unique platform for the pickup to handle the demanding conditions a work truck faces every day. That said, several veteran industry watchers anticipate the platform could be shared with other large vehicles, perhaps an all-electric version of the Chevy Tahoe and Silverado SUVs, suggested Fiorani.
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GM's CEO said it will be happening and will sell at "very average transaction prices"

The fact that Rivian is actually driving around prototype vehicles when these other companies have artist renderings is important, as much as when the actual volume production starts. Tesla has a prototype Cybertruck operating, have seen it on Leno's show. So these two vehicle builders are ahead of the others to start. Rivian indicates it will begin producing R1T's in April. Tesla plans to have the plant under roof in Austin, Texas, in 2 months and be producing vehicles there in mid-2021, includiing the Cybertruck which has 600,000 deposits. Other EV trucks will show up in late 2021 but maybe not in any great numbers.

Maybe the contest should be about what brand will be first to have 50,000 "ET's" out on the roadway. (ET = Electric Truck, not ExtraTerrestrial)
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