Two BrightDrop delivery vans have been spotted parked at Amazon’s Robotics Fulfillment Center in Pontiac, MI. This could suggest that Amazon might be considering BrightDrop as another addition to their electric delivery van fleet.

Amazon would join Fed-Ex and Walmart as customers of BrightDrop vans. Fed-Ex increased its original 500 van order up to 2,000 units, and Walmart announced the purchase of 5,000 BrightDrop vans for its delivery fleet.

Amazon’s order for 100,000 Rivian RCV Commercial Vans garnered a lot of attention, and helped to launch the fledgling EV automaker. Amazon went on to purchase a 20% stake in Rivian. Early this year, it was announced that Amazon will also use Stellantis’ Ram ProMaster battery-electric vans in 2023, proving that there is room for more than just Rivian in Amazon’s delivery fleet.

Rivian stock took a hit with the announcement of the Amazon-Stellantis EV deal (and nosedived further with recent CNBC report that Ford is planning to sell 8 million shares of its Rivian stock) and it's possible that this could add to the decrease in Rivian's valuation.

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