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Oh man, longish answer, but let me try. Spec-wise I believe it's identical save for the colors. Off-road wheels and tires, underbody armor, all that jazz.

That said, the super glitchy truck I drove for 1,850 miles over the TAT was both better and worse. Why worse? We'd constantly have to reboot the thing, and major systems would stop working or not work at all.

THAT SAID, we had access to a special engineering menu where we could program our own drive modes!! I should have taken better notes, but we could dial up rear-wheel bias and traction fully off for a super rally mode. Stuff like that. The truck also had a Max Power Mode, which not only played the clip from the Simpsons Max Power episode, but then overboosted the motors. It probably dropped the 0-60 time by half a second or even more.

I loved that truck.

Now, we drove another R1T for our Truck of the Year testing, although I didn't attend that event. Agreed with the results, however!
Welcome @Jonny Lieberman! Did you have to a lot of reprogramming with the drive modes when you were doing the Trans America Trail trip?
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