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2022 R1T no spare, no tonneau, El Cap, dark 22's
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Exciting day, but also a bit confusing so I was hoping those who've gone through the process can help. Last night I got an email 'Your configuration is ready to confirm'. I have gone over my configuration dozens of times so there was nothing for me to change, so I just confirmed it. Then a few min later, I got another email 'A Seamless Process to Purchase Your Rivian' along with a Guide being assigned (they provided her email and phone number).

Today, I get another email 'It's time to begin the purchase process' and they want me to go through the 8-step process and I see a VIN already assigned.

I thought right now you first get invited to the R1 shop so you can see if you wanted to choose a pre-built configuration. Does this happen later? Do I just go ahead and start this 8 step process right now?

Finally, after you do this 8-step process, how much longer is it typically to when you actually take delivery?
My guide has gone AWOL. I had to reconfigure and waste 8 days because I added the manual tonneau which will be mailed to me next year with no alteration to the truck.
I went to the local service center today with my VIN in hand and when I walked i they asked if they could help and I said I want my truck. They kindly searched to see if my VIN numbered truck had been received and it hadn't, almost 2 weeks after issuance of the VIN. They must have had 200 trucks sitting there including quite a few S's. They are way, way behind on prepping these trucks once they reach the service center. I am not sure it they realize we are mostly a bunch of middle aged children waiting for our toys.
I did get to see my configuration, El Cap and 22 black wheels and it did look great,
With the Teslas, the vehicles followed the VINs pretty fast.
I suggested to the service manager they needed a night shift.
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