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Start doing as many steps as you can by yourself. It took several days for my Guide to reach out and I had some steps done already by then. I was never invited to the R1 shop because my truck was already built and VIN assigned I'm guessing. I also got a text from the delivery team a few days after the 8 Steps email and I called the number to tell them I hadn't even started the 8 Steps and she said "You should be able to get them all done by the end of the week" and she was right! They delivered my truck 7 days after the "Ready to Confirm" email! Ended up not doing trade-in or financing through Rivian.

Location DFW, TX

Blue Adventure Package with Black Mountain Interior, 22 Sport Dark Wheels

: October 2021

First Mile Drive: 4/13/22

Guide Assigned: 06/17/22

Let’s Go Email (8 Steps) 6/18/22

Delivery Team Text: 6/21/22

8 Steps Completed: 6/23/22

Delivery: 6/24/22
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