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Hello current and future Rivian owners!!!

Some may be familiar with us, but others may not. For those who are not...we, Xcelerate Auto, are a team of EV experts, former Tesla leadership, and automotive enthusiast (turned EV enthusiasts) who design financial programs for Leasing, Financing, and Extended Warranty options.

At Xcelerate, customer obsession is our core value, and getting more butts in EV seats is our core mission. We have developed a team of former Tesla folks and leasing experts to assist customers who are looking to step into their EV journey. Xcelerate works directly with manufacturers, customers, dealers, financing partners, and anyone else that is attempting to advance the maturity of the EV industry. Our team of EV experts continues to question the status quo and not only try to build the future we think will be, but build the future we want to see. As new technology continues to replace the conventional mechanics of vehicles, Xcelerate has been a leader that works with lenders and underwriters to understand the nature of technology, its role in our future, and how we can shape new financing and leasing programs that help us create the transportation world that we want to live in.

In 2018, we began to see EVs beginning to age and hit the used vehicle market. One major item that became a barrier for those trying to purchase a Used vehicle, was not having a warranty option for this new type of vehicle technology. Our team worked tirelessly to design an Extended Warranty product that removed all the terrible aspects that negatively effects the customer experience (robo calls, painful claims process, aggressive sales tactics, hidden information regarding coverage, etc.), and designed a contract that we, as owners, would be proud to have for ourselves, as well as designing a claims process that works around the "direct-to-service" model (rather than the dealer service model). Thus the creation of XCare EV Protection, the worlds first and only Extended Warranty specifically designed for EVs.

We have already began leasing R1Ts, along with many Rivian owners purchasing XCare to give them up to 6 years after the factory warranty, and up to 175k miles of coverage for years to come. Now we are ready to turn it up a notch!!!!

As mentioned, our goal is to get more butts in EV seats, while creating financial programs that we believe further mature the EV space.

For those interested in consumer/commercial leasing or financing options please navigate to our site to learn more!!! www.xcelerateauto.com

For owners who drive >12k miles per year, or seeking to own the vehicle for many years to come, please check out our XCare page to see coverage, cost, term options, and the XCare claims process! www.xceleateauto.com/xcare/

Listen to our COO talk about new things we are working on!

Happy to answer any questions you may have!!

Thank you,
Team Xcelerate Auto
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