Rivian will launch the R2 platform in 2026. It will bring cheaper models in higher volume segments and be sold in multiple global markets. RJ did say it will "still be very much a Rivian" and showcase the automakers best qualities like simplicity, capability, aerodynamics, refinements and functionality.

(the picture above is a rendering, not an actual R2)

"R2 Platform
Rivian plans to launch its next-generation EV architecture, the R2 platform, in 2026. But the company is already getting excited about the opportunity it will bring Rivian and EV buyers.

Scaringe says the R2 platform showcases the best of Rivian’s qualities, such as:

  • Capability
  • Aerodynamics
  • Refinements
  • Functionality
Although Rivian is targeting a lower price point, it will “still be very much a Rivian” as the company plans for significant demand. The company plans to implement the same “simplicity” it has learned to use with the R1 series.

The R2 platform is designed to be a much higher volume architecture and will launch in multiple global markets, according to Scaringe.

Perhaps most tantalizing for current Rivian owners, Scaringe noted that OTA software updates would allow for range improvements and that range improvements to the whole lineup were coming next year."