Jonny Lieberman shared an update about the Rivian recall and having his R1T serviced by Rivian mobile service.
RIVIAN RECALL UPDATE!!!! As many of you are aware, Rivian issued a recall that effects 13,000 of its vehicles. The bolts on the upper control arms MAY NOT BE torqued enough. For days now, haters of electric cars and Tesla Stans from the furthest reaches of the Internet have been gleefully predicting the demise of Rivian based on this recall!! At approximately 11:34 am on the 11th of October, this dude showed up at my house. He had me raise my R1T to its highest setting. Then he had me turn the steering wheel all the way to the left! 30 seconds later he had me spin it the other way! And then he spoke, “Naw man, you’re good. Both of the bolts are OK.” I asked him if he’d found any bolts that weren’t torqued proper on any Rivians so far. His SHOCKING answer: no, not yet. He left at 11:38!! WILL RIVIAN SURVIVE?!? Will America?!? Tune in next week to find out!!

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