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I really like Doug's offroad review of the r1t by itself (a different video,
). I rate it as an excellent overview. I'm not an offroader, but I've driven some bad road mtn passes in colorado in my old suv, so I'm exactly that person that is interested but should not push it ;-) Anyway, this guy seems to be a legit person with some background based here, and he was pleasantly impressed. He also pointed out some missing things related to off roading. I really wasn't expecting much from his review.
  • Rivian needs a kind of 'go really slow down a steep hill mode' which some other vehicles have. He had to use the gas pedal (I still call it that, damn it), and the break at the same time.
  • Cameras didn't give him as good a view as other off road vehicles, not the lack of sharpness but more the lack of pointing in the right spots
  • Lack of tire pressure/tpms was an obvious lack when lowering tire pressure to go off road.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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