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There have been a couple of vehicles where the first thing I've done is peel off the pinstriping. I immediately replaced the wheels and tires on the last minivan I had. Now, with my most recent ride, I replaced the head unit so that I could have Android Auto. Nothing fancy or complicated, just enough to make them more my style.

What mods or customizations have you done, or will you do, to make your Rivian uniquely yours?

~MR 😊

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I installed an Edson power knob. This flat bottom steering wheel is perfect for it. I wrapped a microfiber cloth around the wheel to minimize damage to the wheel. I've used these a long time - great for any time you turn more than 90 degrees, and especially when driving with a trailer.

And of course a Valentine-1. I won't drive without them. Hopefully someone will find a good switched 12v power source in the rear view and camera area for hardwiring items like this and dashcams.

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