Rivian has a new article on their site explaining how to unlock your R1T and R1S with either the Rivian app, key fob, key band or key card.

When you lock your Rivian, it makes the sound of a mountain bluebird, recorded in Yellowstone National Park. The chirp assures you that your R1T or R1S is secure, but without startling nearby wildlife or pedestrians.

We designed and built electric vehicles capable of taking you down whatever you call a road, and R1T and R1S deserved keys to match. That locking chirp is just one of the ways we’ve reimagined vehicle access.

“There are little moments of saying ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ that are unexpected,” says Zab Steenwyk, Senior Design Strategist. “A lot of work went into making it special.”

When it came time to create keys and access for our vehicles, Rivian’s user experience teams researched, created storyboards, and lab- and field-tested ideas and solutions for all kinds of situations. Whatever the scenario, our technology had to match the standards our Electric Adventure Vehicles set for design, capability and durability.
“There is so much complexity behind the scenes,” says Eric Wood, Vice President of Vehicle User Experience. “But when something feels absolutely obvious and intuitive and invisible, we’ve done our job.”
Here are all the ways you can access your Rivian, each designed to support whatever situations life brings your way.

With your phone in your purse, pocket or backpack, your R1T or R1S senses you approaching and gets ready: As it unlocks, the handles pop out so you can easily open the doors and the mirrors, steering wheel and driver’s seat adjusts to your preferred position. Using the Rivian app to access your vehicle is ideal for daily commutes or any trip where you’re comfortable carrying your phone with you. Our secure connectivity technology lets you remotely lock and unlock the vehicle from anywhere, and you can authorize temporary or permanent access to the app on other drivers’ phones.

We built our key fob for the times you don’t want to bring your phone. Our engineers stress-tested the anodized aluminum loop to ensure when you clip it to your belt or backpack, it stays there until you take it off. The thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) casing can handle tumbles onto asphalt and into mud, and the key fob is IP67-rated, which means it can be submerged in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. We even did one test where we covered the key fob in soda to make sure the internal components would resist. (They did.)

Standard with Launch Edition vehicles, available for purchase through our Gear Shop in late 2022.

The silicone key band was made for any activity where you and your gear are likely to go underwater or don’t want to carry more stuff than you need. It will handle any liquid, dust, heat and cold you might encounter. The key band uses near-field communication (NFC) technology, which allows it to have an IP69 water-resistance rating and not need a battery or other components that would add bulk. To lock or unlock, hold the key band to the door handle. Hold it to the interior trim of the driver’s side door to start the vehicle. If you want to lock your key fob or your phone inside your R1T or R1S, the vehicle will recognize the key band and secure any other keys inside without conflict.

About the size and thickness of a credit card, the Rivian key card is a compact, convenient way to share access to your vehicle with other drivers, service technicians or parking attendants. It’s also an easy way to make sure you always have backup access to your vehicle (like if your phone battery dies). The key card is IP69-rated, which means it can handle the elements, including full submersion in water. Like the key band, it uses NFC technology for access. Hold it to the door handle to lock or unlock, and then hold it to the interior of the driver’s door to start the vehicle.