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I'm new here

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Hi everyone,
After learning that my hospital is going to install a charging system, I started looking into EV's and the R1T is the first car that the wife is totally on board with. I currently have a Challenger Scat Pack Widebody and the Rivian will be my first car w/o a manual transmission since I've been driving. I am going with (for now at least) a Blue Explore with large pack, off road, and kitchen.
I'm excited about the Amazon partnership and feel like that will boost infrastructure to a point where it wouldn't be otherwise. I was hoping that when the USPS was looking for a replacement for its LLVs, they would've gone with EVs as I think that may have placed a charging station or two at some pretty remote spots in this big country.
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I'm a newbie too. Placed my R1S order 10 days ago. Since then I've learned a lot. Like "must have patience" ... you're looking at maybe a year? Maybe faster for the R1T folks like yourself.

What's your approximate location and how's the charging network in the places you'll go?
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