Rivian detailed Q4 2022 production and delivery numbers in this new report. They produced 10,020 vehicles and delivered 8,054 over the last quarter for a total of 24,337 produced and 20,332 delivered, slightly missing their annual target of 25,000. But at least QoQ numbers were impressive, +36% to be exact!

RJ's note to the team (provided by Rivian with their permission to share)

Hi team!

I want to thank you for all your energy and collective effort as we closed our first full year of production. Our official production and delivery numbers for 2022:
  • Q4 factory gated: 10,020
  • Q4 delivered: 8,054
  • 2022 factory gated: 24,337
  • 2022 delivered: 20,332
  • 2022 off the line: 25,051
QuarterProduction% increase
Q12,553+251% (compared to FY’21)
Q24,401+72% QoQ
Q37,363+67% QoQ
Q410,020+36% QoQ

714 vehicles are currently being factory gated, including those awaiting parts, software validation, wheel alignment, upfits and charging. As they are not 100% finished, they can’t count toward our official figure – however with more than 25,000 driving off General Assembly, this is an incredible achievement and testament to the commitment and passion of our entire team. Thank you!

There were many headwinds in 2022. Considering the supply chain issues that caused the plant to close for 20 days and shut down early on 50 days in the last 12 months, and the inclement weather that forced us to close for an additional 5 days—our team stayed focused and worked through the challenges together. You stayed late, worked extra shifts, came in on holidays and worked through our operational challenges as we ramped. None of this is possible without you.

As we look ahead to 2023, I’m more confident than ever in our success and ability to continue to ramp thanks to the drive and dedication of our team.

Thank you all again, RJ