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Incredible spec sheet

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Hey all. New to the forum and really impressed with some of the numbers that Rivian is reporting for their upcoming models. If they can deliver even close to some of their estimates, we could have a serious market disruptor on our hands. Some high benchmarks being set by a company that I hadn't heard of until recently.
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New here as well and happy to see a dedicated community to these upcoming EV's. I see a huge potential for this platform and I would bet it will up the timeline for rival brands to release their electric pickups and SUV's.
Being first to market isnt as important as it used to be with previous generation EV's. People are more than happy to wait on more capable models and of course better entry level options.
In a way it helps because although they might be early and end up at a loss with sales, on the back end it means a lot for future EV's. In Chevrolet's case it translated into the now well selling Bolt and Volt.
Following the reveal of the R1S and R1T, I would imagine that Rivian has seen a lot of early interest and preorders, purely based upon the performance numbers. Build quality looks exceptional as well, especially for what is still a 'concept'.
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