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Rivian is a brand new public company company - essentially an emerging tech company that now has the cash, resources, employees and technology to potentially make this brand fly. Expectations that they crash and burn because of all of the hurdles they must clear are laughable. Look at their bank account, look at the reservations they have to fill and look at their biggest customer. This is going to take some time, so if you are just in it for the short term, you should definitely cut your losses and stop wasting time on posting on forums or pretending to invest in the stock - especially if you are just an oil and gas lobbyist. Let's face it, this whole EV thing might be here for a while. If you know the nature of emerging technology companies and how long it could take for a new company (like Tesla for example) to become profitable, then strap in and enjoy the wild ride, because that is what it will be - a wild ride. The question is not if they fail but rather where they end up. Will they emerge on top of a little man-made mole hill and be acquired, or will they summit an actual mountain. It's anybody's guess, but we won't know that answer for years. As far as I am concerned, RJ did what most CEO's aren't willing to do because of hubris, down-right arrogance or ego - he admitted a giant whopper of a mistake. Impressive is all I can say without being too offensive.
I'd been trying to capture the words to express this, but you did it better. None of us should want or expect this company to fail. What they are creating is too important; far more so than our enjoyment as owners or our angst at having to wait.
The absence of mistakes does not define excellence; rather, it is found in the willingness to own a mistake, correct it, and not repeat it.
I'm in for the long haul.
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