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I'm hoping (not expecting) that they will design & sell alternate tailgates in the future. I would kill to get one like the CT (with a slide out ramp) but would be very happy with something like GM's MultiPro tailgate. I'd even consider Ford's FlexStep tailgate, although the added functionality is pretty minimal. Depending on the price I would consider swapping out my perfectly good tailgate for something with improved functionality. Yeah, I know the R1T is focused on an offroad lifestyle and not being a work truck, but it seems like low hanging fruit to really expand its usefulness and therefore make it more interesting to an additional demographic. Technically I shouldn't be standing on the gear tunnel doors, so I will have to climb into the bed to put anything on the roof (or use a step ladder). So I wish they had made it easy to at least get into the bed!
That, and that measly 1500W inverter! So disappointed in that. Even TWO 1500W inverters would be a fantastic upgrade (one for the gear tunnel outlets and one for the bed circuits.
Oh well, I still have 6-9 months before I can hope to see mine so I can dream of upgrades, right?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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