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I just received my R1T this week; three years, two months, and ten days after I placed my order. It was worth the wait.
For the record it is launch edition, launch green, with 21" All Terrains. Having read all I could read and watch all the video I could find, the R1T is better than advertised in my opinion. The tactile, hands on, drive it down the road experience is everything I anticipated and more. Here is a random list of things that catch my attention (bear in mind this is my first EV).
  1. The spare tire was delivered with the truck, but the cross bars, field kit, wrist band key, and floor mats are back ordered
  2. Issues so far have been: 1) the tonneau does not retract 100%, 2) the driver side gear tunnel door does not "pop" open like the passenger side does, 3) the wall charger is charging at 5 mph instead of the 25 mph noted on the gear website
  3. Customer service has politely and enthusiastically taken note of my issues and will get back to me ASAP with fixes
  4. Being in Texas, I am required to carry a front license plate. While I really do not want to punch holes in the bumper cover, I see no other alternative (I tried everything). So, the service center will punch the holes for me
  5. The center display is very intuitive, I like the fact that the controls are, for the most part, all in one display
  6. Standard ride height is a little higher than I expected, but works well getting in and out of the vehicle
  7. Neither the bed (with the tonneau closed) nor the trunk will accommodate my electric cooler - we have ordered a unit that should fit both
  8. The app communicates well with the truck and our phones are super convenient keys.
  9. I office very close to the truck, and carry my key card with me at all times in my billfold. Consequently the truck is constantly turning on and then chirping off as I move around my office
  10. I find the cab to be short of storage for little things that normally fit in the console, so I am buying an organizer bag to throw the little things in, and will stow the bag in the console
  11. Haven't totally launched it yet, but I have punched it enough to be cautious about launching it in the future
  12. The cab is plenty big for me (6')
  13. My wife loves it and is planning to commandeer it soon
Hope this gives expectant pre order holders a little insight!
Congrats to my fellow Texans! I received mine last month and really like it. This is my 3rd EVs and have 3 more on orders. Next time you're with R1T, please check your passenger side roof where the painted metal portion meets the glass roof; is your roof flush or is the metal portion depressed? It's more pronounce on the
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passenger side than it's on the driver's side. See pics
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