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I drove out to the future Las Vegas Service Center today. Since it is clearly not open to the public yet, I tried to be as respectful and quick as possible while grabbing a few photos of what was visible from the outside. The lobby looked customer-ready with cork end tables, earth tone furniture, adventure themed books, and even a hand sanitizer station.

Outside there were less than 10 employee vehicles in the parking lot including a Glacier White R1T! It had an IL temp tag, so I assume this is an employee/company vehicle, not for delivery. At the mechanic-shop side of the building there are ground-level clear corner windows. I just HAD to take a peek inside! However, a white delivery van (future Rivian Mobile Service Van?) was strategically parked to block some of the street-view into shop.

It blocked some of the view, but I was able to clearly see a few Launch Green R1Ts inside waiting for their future owners! Perhaps a lucky few are getting their phone calls shortly. Next to the them was a large flatbed truck that I assume they will use to deliver those R1Ts. I could see only two vehicle lifts within view. Out of respect for the privacy of the workers wandering around inside (and since they clearly parked that van to block onlookers), I have no pictures to share of the inside.
As a December 8, 2018 R1S LE reservation holder, I was holding out a minuscule degree of hope that I would see an R1S stashed away inside somewhere. Not surprisingly, I saw none.

Another item of note were the 3 ClipperCreek L2 stations that were in the parking lot. While we have seen these in the background of official Rivian factory videos, I was surprised to see them installed outdoors at a Rivian facility. I would think the Rivian Waypoints (branded L2s) would be a marketing must-have for brand-awareness.

In general, it appears they bought/leased a decent sized facility that could easily have bays for 6+ trucks. Parking in the outdoor lot is extremely limited at ~15 spots in total. Assuming (and wishing) Rivian major success in this market, I suspect they will be hurting for space very quickly (something that the first and second Tesla LV SCs suffer from as well). One major issue remains: I can barely stand the anticipation waiting for my LE R1S!
We saw the Launch Edition R1T at Downtown Summerlin near Macy's last week.
Me and my biz partner both ordered R1T in early 2020. Nice to see the service center and hear there are trucks here on the streets.
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