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hi all. I have an R1S Launch Edition reservation. My understanding is that all the wheel options are going to be available at no additional cost. So, regardless of use-case, aesthetics, etc., is there a wheel/tire option that is inherently more valuable? For example, I probably do want to have two sets of wheels (1, the everyday road, all weather, low rolling resistance; and 2, a smaller rim for A/T tires). I know it is a hassle to get a set of factory wheels and sell them, but will it be worth it to choose one of the options that normally are an up charge (when not part of the Launch Edition)?


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It's personal preference, imo.

You can't choose any wheel; so the statement "all the wheel options are going to be available at no additional cost" is false.

Your "free upgrade" options are:
  • 20" All-Terrain
  • 20" All-Terrain Bright
  • 22" Sport Bright
The 21" Road are standard for everyone.

The following options are not "free" for LE reservation holders, so they would cost you extra:
  • 20" All-Terrain Dark
  • 22" Sport Dark
Between the three free upgrades, if you want off-road tires or just generally less-expensive replacement tire options, go with the 20". The Bright or Regular option is just aesthetic. If you want a 22" wheel, then there is only one option that doesn't cost extra.
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