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Hey Everyone!
New to the forum and just wanted to let people know we are out here. We are a small shop in Mountain View CA working on installing Paint protection film and Vinyl Wraps. We work with Stek for paint protection and windshield Protection film. Why Stek? It has an extremely Glossy finish that just makes your paint jump! It is Hydrophobic so a ceramic coat isn't needed right away, its stain resistant and self heals in the sun for small wash swirls or scratches. Also comes with an industry standard 10 year warranty. DYNOshield- high gloss DYNOmatt- matt finish DYNOflex- windshield protection film

As the R1s and R1Ts get delivered we'd like to be top of mind if you have any questions to why or what level of protection you'd like to have on your New Rivian.
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