Motor Trend's Jonny Lieberman shared an interesting Instagram post where he compares the new Lexus LX600 to the R1S. I didn't realize the R1S has a longer wheelbase and has a better approach/departure angles compared to the Lexus.

Top: Lexus LX600. Bottom Rivian R1S.

The Lexus has a 112-inch wheelbase, the Rivian’s is 121-inches. The LX600 has hydraulic dampers (though they’re these weird gas/hydraulic mashups) that raises the ride height a few inches (dunno how much!) and now has H1 (high 1) and H2 positions. H2 (probably) gives you an extra inch at low speeds. The Rivian has hydraulic dampers (cross-linked diagonally, just like a McLaren 720S — same supplier even) and air springs. The ride height is controlled by the springs. Goes from 9 to about 14-inches for off-road, with a 15-inch height for rocks. But ground clearance is a parlor trick (kinda) when it comes to off-road prowess. What really matters is approach, break over, and departure angles. You can see the Rivian has the Lexus licked here, save for break over. The wheels are pushed out further, and the body actually is designed to go of-road. Now, more ground clearance does improve the break over angle. Rivian is probably tops here, too. Did I mention 409 vs. 835 horsepower? 479 vs. 900 pound-feet of torque? Now, as my buddy @imthishan in Dubai pointed out, LXs go places that are low on electricity and high in poppies as payment. So, that’s true. But for Americans? Am I off base? Tell me!