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I DIY installed my Level 2 Tesla Wall Charger myself a couple of years ago. Saved at least $1,000 and it has worked flawlessly ever since.

If you decide to install an EVSE yourself, you need to remember a couple of things: First, make sure what you're installing is compliant with the electrical code. Most important, your charger should be de-rated to supply continuous charging at no more than 80 percent of the maximum load for your system. For example, if your system has a 50 amp breaker, than you need to set your EVSE to supply no more than 40 amps.

Second, make sure you use a quality torque wrench to properly torque the high-voltage connections in your EVSE. Improper torque has been the cause of numerous shorts and fires in EVSEs that weren't properly installed.

If you doubt your ability to install and wire an EVSE yourself, don't hesitate to hire an electrical contractor to do it.
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