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Here's a shortlist of the most useful links to CCS (Combined Charging System) fast charging resources currently available in the US, ranked in order of usefulness in my experience. Note that, in contrast to Tesla, CCS chargers are provided by a diverse set of actors. It's sorta like Apple (Tesla) vs Android (almost everybody else). CCS is the standard that Rivian uses.

Plugshare is a fabulous resource that aggregates all information from all available providers. Make sure you use the filters on their web site or app to check "CCS/SAE" and uncheck everything else, otherwise you'll see Level2, Tesla, and other chargers that are irrelevant as well.

Electrify America is the network that was financed by VW as part of the diesel scandal settlement. At this point it's by far the most useful network because it combines several critically important attributes of a useful charging network, such as: Freeway locations, sensible (even and dense) spacing thereof, maximum charging rates that are higher than what the R1 can support (meaning that it's not limiting), and multiple units at a single location.

A better route planner will do the route planning for you. I don't use it myself but lots of people swear by it. My recommendation is to double-check the individual providers's sites to make sure the chargers that ABRP picks for you don't currently have issues. I plan my own routes using plugshare and EA (see above) and when there's a 'hole' I go to EVgo or Chargepoint, which generally have slower chargers than EA; many of them max out at 50kW, which is painfully slow for any large-battery vehicle, but will do the job if you're patient and don't have a better alternative.

Also, if you plan a road trip, make sure that you can reach an alternative charger with the juice left in the tank if the one you're targeting happens to be out of service.

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