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Looking to buy an LE Reservation

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Howdy yall.

I'm late to the Rivian train but I've owned the first gen of 3 different EVs and would love to get my hands on a Rivian LE for a cross country trip! I've been one of the most active early adopters for both the iPace and Taycan and would love to get a Rivian early to provide real world testing.

If anyone is planning to cancel their LE reservation, I'd like to buy it from you. I have confirmed with Rivian this is allowed (for now). This is targeted at people that plan to cancel their LE reservation for whatever reason.

Simply put I'll pay you via paypal to take over your spot.

If you're interested please send me a message on here and we can discuss details.
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I’ve got a LE R1T reservation and just got the “April-May 2022” window email this week.

  • June 2019 preorder
  • Delivery location Texas
  • Config: Pretty standard LE

I’ve got a deposit down for a 2022 Tundra 1794 Edition … and if I can get my hands on one next month or ~Jan without getting hit with major dealer markup I’ll likely be willing to flip my LE reservation.
I'm not sure how far you are from Austin but Cedar Park Toyota is selling at MSRP. I also have a deposit on a 2022 Tundra TRD Pro there. Talk to Christian Behl and he will help you out. I would love to take your LE R1T reservation for providing the dealership recommendation. I like the Launch Green color the best and would love to get a chance to get one! I can even give you my current spot on their wait-list so it works out for both of us? Let me know
good intel, friend. I’ll contact that dealer. That said I have a $500 deposit down (1st position) for the 1794 at Fred Haas in Houston ;) but I have not been guaranteed MSRP so I’ll give Cedar Park a call.

I’ll stay in touch if I do consider transferring.
Sounds good! Always glad to help a fellow Houstonian. I actually started with Fred Haas but was really disturbed by their "non refundable" deposit. Its unethical without confirmed pricing or potential for markup so I started scouting for other dealerships. Cedar park deposit is $1000 as was the Rivian pre-order but is completely refundable any they are quote "not charging any sort of markup" which is smart. They will make up for in with high allocation volume. Good chance you'll have more trucks/configurations to choose from here. Please keep me in mind for your LE 😁
Yea anyone willing to pay 10k can have at it but I'd never do so. I'd rather throw that into a Max pack and wait out my current reservation which will surely have some revisions by the time it's delivered. That said I'd still buy an LE reservation of any delivery date because I like the Launch Green so much but only for a few thousand to cover the included wheel upgrade as I already spec'd my R1T with the 20" wheels and committed to paying that anyways.
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