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Given that the charging pad is finicky at best, and that the main screen isn’t able to do apps (yet, I hope), here’s my (hopefully) temporary solution to both having a phone facing me (for things like Waze, music apps) and for keeping a charge to the phone. I pulled the wireless mat out and fished the wire through the center console and plugged it in there.

Obviously the downside is losing one cup holder. I bought a 3D printed cup holder for the floor area and it’s been fine for me… but usually only one adult riding at a time.

For me, totally worth it to have my phone handy at all times.

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I tried taking a MagSafe vent-clip mount I had for a previous car and using it, but as many of us have found there's just no good place to attach it. So I just take an Apple MagSafe puck and plug it in and fish it through the center console. Works well enough if I just want the phone handy but not visible while driving.
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