Amazon has been experiencing some issues with their Mercedes Sprinter delivery vans. Some Sprinters have been rolling away while in park due to an issue with the e-shifters.

This new report comes from Safety Research & Strategies, Inc., and it paints a scary picture for any delivery driver:

In August, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) opened a rollaway investigation into the Mercedes Sprinter vans with e-shifters that automatically move the transmission into Park when the driver leaves the seat. Used by Amazon’s delivery service providers, these vans have been sprinting away – with the shift indicator showing Park, and sometimes with the parking brake applied, too. Just before Christmas, Mercedes delivered a temporary fix with a Grinch-y rant against drivers. But, the preliminary evidence points to a long-established mechanical source of rollaway – a defective park pawl. Blame the driver is the manufacturers’ rollaway go-to, but will it make the investigation go away?
Amazon’s fleet largely consists of three different styles of van, with the Mercedes Sprinter cargo van being one of the more common. The Sprinter’s failure to adequately park, though, has caused serious issues for delivery drivers.