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I had my Rivian R1T test drive this week. Here are some impressions:

1. Fit and finish are great - no panel gaps.
2. The truck looks better in person than in photos.
3. The ride is solid and quiet. As others have said, the torque and acceleration are way beyond any other pickup out there. However, compared to a Model S (P90D), the acceleration is not as brisk. As ridiculous as it sounds to compare a heavier pickup to a sedan, if you're spoiled by Tesla acceleration, the Rivian may be a step backwards.
4. Regen braking is FIRM - way more deliberate than the Tesla. This will take some getting used to.
5. There is no "creep" feature. This was a bit unnerving for someone accustomed to having the car roll forward when taking your foot off the brake.
6. Sound system was better than Tesla. Apple CarPlay sure would be nice...don't have it in the Tesla either.
7. Legroom in the back seat is more than sufficient for my 5'9" frame.
8. We tried to navigate to San Diego (from Chicago) to see what charging stops would be needed - the system just kept running and running and never came up with an answer.

I reserved a Max Pack in January 2021. The Rivian rep confirmed that these vehicles aren't even being built yet, so a delivery date is unknown. From what I read on this forum, it seems that MY 2024 would be a reasonable estimate. For me, this is fine. I'd rather wait for a few of the kinks to be worked out in the initial model years and keep driving my Tesla which I still love. Furthermore, without a charging network as robust as Tesla's, range anxiety would return for trips I take to see family in rural parts of the country. I'm also spoiled by being grandfathered into free Supercharging - Electrify America is far from free.
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