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So today I played “Trains, Trains and Trains” followed by Automobiles to take delivery of my CY R1T in Rockville.

My Delivery Specialist did an outstanding job in triple-digit temperatures explaining the ins & outs (literally) of my truck, as well as calmly working through some “fun with software”-type issues. This being my 5th EV in the journey, we didn’t have to delve to deeply into the range and charging mythos. But she either had the answers to my R1T-specific questions or was able to figure them out. Top-notch service & customer experience!

Here’s the things that have popped up so far. Nothing terribly egregious, but there were some spurious behaviors fixed by one manner of reboot or another, that I expect to occur again during normal use until Continuous Inconvenience err… Improvement solves them.

Regen is WAY too aggressive, at least in Conserve Mode. That takes one-pedal driving (which I’m generally a fan of) to a whole new level. My particular First World Problem is that my Taycan does not believe in OPD at all (it prefers to coast when you take your foot of the pedal) so there’s going to be lots of dissonance there for me going between the cars. At this point, I’d like to see Rivian add a “Light” regen mode.

ACC apparently has no “resume” function after braking. This one took me by surprise on my 2.5+ hour drive home. ACC handles stop-and-go very well IMHO. But if you’re the first car that comes to a traffic light or stop sign, hitting the brake apparently totally cancels the cruise mode. So you have to then speed back up to the speed you want & re-activate it again, vs say just flipping the stalk in the other direction to resume your previous speed. Maybe some CI magic will intervene.

Truck is HOT(tm). Nuth’ said in the other thread.

Vent controls are not useful. No amount of finger gestures trying to point the vents resulted in the airflow I expected/wanted. My M3 was and the Taycan is broken as well (IMHO) in this regard, but the Rivian is the worst of the bunch. Not sure if it’s a UI thing or if the vents are just not in good places to facilitate good airflow. : popcorn

Driver door fit. Definitely poorer fit than the passenger door. Ticket was opened.

Tonneau cover would hit end of run & retract, not closing fully. Tech had to re-calibrate, seems to be OK now, which is great because I didn’t want to drive 100+ miles and suck a bunch of dirt into the bed and/or tonneau mechanism.

Radio touch screen unresponsive. I never listen to broadcast radio anyway, so I actually didn’t check this again after we did a soft reset. Will update when I go try it.

No audio from sound system, soft reset fixed

Nav failed to recalculate a few times on the way home, had to restart the route again to get it working. I also think it took me a goofy way home, but maybe it was silently avoiding I-95 traffic. We’ll go with that for now.

Several incidences of phantom braking during the trip. Not the epic M3 phantom braking though. Need more miles to decide if this needs work.

Left stalk controls (wipers & lights) stopped working during delivery, tech had to reset

Driver door speaker grille dented, ticket opened for replacement.

So all in all better experience than I expected. We’ll see what the remainder of the 7 days/1000 miles holds.
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